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Adegbenjo Adegboyega is a professional wall decorator and Specialist with 8 successful years of experience and hiring of standard professional workers.He is the Founder and CEO of the Creator interiors Company…

As a Teenager growing up he has always been obsessed about having a beautiful space,well furnished apartment and super clean especially walls that could be called home; regardless the size and space available this can be largely considered his inspiration behind starting an interior decorating company !

Also through this passion driven thirst towards the work, maximum satisfaction of customers are top priority. He is however currently a Final year student of Environmental Biology in Ladoke Akintola University of Technology.

He has attended successfully business conferences such as The blueprint conference and also a Registered Member of the Painter’s guide of Nigeria where High grade and Premium Wall decorators and Painters are found.

Adegboyega’s good human communication skills has always allowed him to maintain a very good relationship with his clients and business partners even after a successful completion of jobs.

He enjoys traveling around both home and abroad as this is essentially related to his job in terms of necessary exposures to other people,

Gboyega At Work

Doing his thing